• Digitally signed malware free application which repairs damaged PST files from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 versions.
  • Effectively repairs compressed, encrypted and password protected PST files.
  • Easily repairs PST files that can’t be repaired by Outlook’s inbox repair tool.
  • Creates repaired replica of damaged PST files in Outlook 2003-10 formats.
  • Fixes slight and harsh issues of Outlook PST corruption.
  • Easy to function, fast and secure, interactive user interface.
  • Fixes oversized pst files i.e repairs PST files bigger than 2GB of Outlook versions 2000 and 2002 which shows abnormal behaviour after crossing a fixed limit.

Why PST repair program?

PST files are well known files in regard to Outlook. Outlook as gained lot of importance in communicating messages all around the world in seconds of time, however far the distance might be. They store the received and sent data in Outlook in the form of PST files. You find that most of the enterprises today use Outlook as their email clients for communicating business deals with their clients.

If you have a installed Microsoft Office suite on your personal computer you can find Outlook as one of its embedded tool. When you compare any other email sites with Outlook, you come to a conclusion that Outlook is more advanced than any of them. Outlook contains a bunch off attributes like Contacts, Appointments, Task, Calenders, RSS feeds other than common attributes like Inbox, Sent Items present among other sites. Outlook is majorly used for professional purposes. Hence, the name Office professional came into existence. Sometimes while working with Outlook you may come across Outlook failure due to different errors. This might be a effect of PST file corruption. If Outlook fails industries may face a major drawback in business. To avoid this you might have to fix them immediately with the use of PST repair software. PST Repair program is one such tool that can effectively fix them wihtout causing any damage to the system and to the original file. To know more about this software read through this page.

Reasons for PST file corruption:

Virus or malware application: Viruses infect and corrupt a PST file. Since viruses spread with email attachments they can cause severe damage to PST files. The malware can get into your system by using the network and downloading file from there or when any infected external drive is connected without scanning

Failure in data storage device: If the PST file is stored in bad sectors of the hard disk then accessing those files becomes impossible. Bad sectors in hard drive might be a result of physical damage on corresponding sector

Sudden termination of Outlook program: Sometimes, while accessing Outlook, your system may suddenly shut down due to some application crash or OS failure. This will terminate the Outlook application forcefully without saving any data and may lead to PST file corruption.

Power surge: If there is a sudden power outage while accessing the Outlook application it may lead to abnormal termination and result in PST file corruption. Power failures can happen in unexpected times, so its necessary to use a UPS on the system

Outlook PST recovery tool assists you to resolve PST file corruption caused due to any of the above described reasons. Besides it also repairs PST files with CRC error.

How PST repair program is useful?

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and worldwide used email client utility. It stores all emails and other related attributes in a PST file format. Like other files, PST files are also vulnerable and often get damaged or corrupted due to various reasons. However, Outlook PST repair utility offers a flawless solution to repair broken PST files. Once repaired, one can get back contacts, tasks, notes, journals, calendar, appointments and email features i.e. inbox, sent mail, drafts etc from the damaged file. A single program is smart enough to repair PST files from different Outlook platforms.The PST repair software is capable of repairing password protected PST files, as well as email messages emptied from Outlook folder. The repair process using PST repair utility involves generating a new PST files in Outlook 2003-2010 format. This ensures there is no further damage to the PST file. A PST file can get damaged due to several reasons. This PST repair software can be used to repair Outlook archive PST files irrespective of the reason of damage. Steps to execute pst repair utility to fix Outlook PST file corruption issues are given below.

Guidelines to follow:

Step 1: Download and install the application. Launch the program and select “Open PST File” or "Find PST File" or "Select Outlook Profile" option based on your requirement.

PST Repair Program - Main Screen

Step 2: Browse to locate corrupt PST file to be repaired and click on the“NEXT” button.

PST Repair Program - Browse PST File

Step 3: Choose appropriate method to scan PST files from “Normal Scan “and “Smart Scan” option and click "Repair".

PST Repair Program - Select Scanning Method

Step 4: After the completion of repairing process count of emails, tasks, notes retrieved from the damaged PST file will be displayed on the screen.

PST Repair Program - Preview Screen

Repaired PST files will be displayed on window and get stored in default location. Now you can easily access your emails and other Outlook profile features without any interruption. Thus by using this tool you can successfully repair .pst file Outlook 2010 which behaves abnormally due to corruption.

Tips to avoid PST file corruption